Bank Payments, Receipts & Reconciliation

Bank reconciliation is a process that explains the difference between the bank balance shown on a bank statement and the corresponding amount shown in the organisations own accounting records at a particular time.

Here at Bean Keepers we offer monthly bank reconciliation, using the efficient Xero bank feeds, created through your nominated bank account. We comprehensively check all entries that come through the bank feeds against the actual entries on Xero to determine whether or not there have been any banking errors. A cash-book is reconciled against the bank statement, whereby all entries are accurate to make sure your bank has not incorrectly charged items to your accounts.

Requirements for every business are different, and below is a list of the specific Bank Reconciliation services we can provide:

  • Monthly Bank reconciliation using Xero Bank Feeds
  • Bank feeds are created with your nominated Bank
  • Entries that come through bank feeds are checked against actual entries in Xero to determine whether or not there have been bank errors
  • Bank charges, interest, merchant charges etc., are all entered from bank feeds and classified accordingly
    Cash book is reconciled against visual siting of statements to ensure that banks fees have downloaded correctly and all entries are correct in cash book and the bank has not incorrectly charged items on your accounts   

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Bank Payments, Receipts & Reconciliation
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