I am an existing business. Can you help me?

As your bookkeeper for your existing small business, here's a rough guide of how we'll help you once you join us:

  • Figure out where your business currently lies on the business life cycle, from start up, to growth, to maturity
  • If applicable, we will notify your previous bookkeeper of our appointment, request all previous documents and review previous accounts to give us a better insight into your business
  • If applicable, we will assess the reasons behind your businesses decision to look at changing bookkeepers and then address those issues as a priority
  • Appoint ourselves as the registered bookkeeper with the ATO and ASIC, take control of these relationships and liaise with the ATO to determine if all lodgements and payments are up to date. Otherwise, we will work with the ATO and you will bring all lodgements up to date
  • Assess any bookkeeping systems in place and their value to your business, and amend them should any systematic tweaks are needed.
  • We are always available to answer client queries and questions by email and telephone.

We are also more than happy to make a visit on site for clients that find it hard to get away from their place of business To look at our services in more detail, click here or contact us.