Holiday money preparations, by our bookkeepers for small businesses in Sydney

Are you planning a holiday soon? Want to know how you can ensure that your protected financially when you travel? Well you’ve come to the right place, because our bookkeepers for small businesses in Sydney have some holiday money preparation tips for you.

Here is your holiday money checklist by our small business bookkeeping company in Sydney, we want to ensure that your are ready for anything:

• Prior to leaving, make sure that you have a mix of card and cash funds, along with a travel card
• Always and we mean always get travel insurance
• Check your credit card and account limits so you know how much you can spend and take out
• Always check your expiry dates
• Ensure that you set up B-Pay accounts so that all your bills at home get paid for on time and religiously
• Make sure you inform your bank or small business bookkeeper in Sydney that you’re leaving, to ensure that your funds are monitored
• Always have a back-up plan

We know how exciting it can be to get ready to go on a holiday, so it is vital for you to be prepared for any situation and the trip in general. We hope that our small business bookkeeping company in Sydney assisted you with your holiday preparations!

As always, feel free to contact our bookkeepers for small business in Sydney with any enquiries that you ma have.